Blocking someone in messenger and they still ring my phone


I don’t know for sure but my guess would be for it to stick



Thanks for help!

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In case someone else has a similar problem, I was contacted by finally, and they said the problem is that Republic Wireless uses a different Sprint/T-mobile number when wireless is not available, and it was that number that was getting the alerts.

In order to find out what the non-wireless number is, you open your phone dialer, and type: “* # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # *”

This brings up a info menu, and use tap Phone information, and scope the phone number.

This issue should now be resolve for me, thanks to everyone for the help.



Hmm, this really shouldn’t be the case. On all of the new phones, including the Moto X4, this number is incapable of receiving text messages so it is curious that this would be the cause.



Unfortunately, I think I need an extreme weather event to test, and since I’ve also done another fix, even if it never rings again, I won’t know which thing stopped it.

I just repeated info the textcaster person gave me in case that would help the next guy :slight_smile:



That’s the way things used to work with Republic, but the system on the new phones changed in July 2016, so he’s probably just not aware of the change.


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