Blown speaker on my new phone. How do I get info from Republic on how to return?


I got a new Moto G4 (from Republic) earlier in December. I noticed that the speaker has scratchy/crackling noises whenever I play any kind of sound (like a blown speaker). It was only this week that I tried to watch videos, and it was pretty much impossible to hear the videos clearly due to the extreme crackling noise. I opened a help case on 12/20. 23.5 hours later I got a response, asking me a few more questions and to clear my cache. I cleared the cache (didn’t help, of course, it’s a hardware issue) and answered the questions within 1/2 hour. I explained it was hardware, and then asked how to go about getting a replacement phone. Radio silence now for over 28 hours. I’m concerned that I’m going to run out of time in my 30 day replacement window simply due to Republic taking so long to generate any kind of response. What can I do? I know I shouldn’t open another ticket, but how can I get anyone to respond?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the 30 day return policy changed to 14 days months ago. You have a 1 year warranty policy though. But that is with Motorola


This is one of the busiest times of the year for Republic staff and I imagine their ticket load is overflowing at the moment. If you haven’t heard anything after 48 hours I’d be a bit more concerned and we may be able to get the attention of one or the awesome Community Ambassadors to see if they can get some insight on what’s going on. Good call on not opening up another ticket-- these have to be manually merged and this is almost guaranteed to make the process take even longer.

If this is indeed a blown or otherwise messed up speaker I would think that you’re covered by the manufacturer’s 1yr warranty. The extent of Republic’s obligation is technically a 14-day money-back guarantee (they transitioned from a 30-day guarantee a few months ago). That said, Republic has been known to frequently replace failed phones that would otherwise be covered under the mfr warranty (older than 2 weeks, younger than a year, has a manufacturing defect) and without seeing the case or knowing more details I suspect this is what may well end up happening for you. Republic has been kind enough to take care of me in this manner.

Also, something worth noting is that in every instance I’ve seen companies treat cases as in warranty so long as the case was first reported while the warranty was active. As such I really wouldn’t worry about a slow response (no matter how frustrating it may be) having much of any impact on how your case is treated regarding a warranty situation.


For returns/cancellations, you are mostly right (not sure where I got the 30 days from, must have read something somewhere, maybe an old post). I just double-checked the policy and it states you can do a return if “…Republic is contacted within 14 days of delivery of the product…”. I did contact them within that period, so would be ok anyway if I was returning phone.

However, I’m doing a replacement of a phone I purchased directly from Republic, and the policy for that is “These types of replacements are when something is wrong with the phone you’ve purchased directly from Republic and the damage was not caused by you. In other words, if there’s a defect or malfunction on the phone itself or a malfunctioning battery or charger. These types of replacements are free of charge to you as long as the phone is still within the manufacture’s warranty”.

So, I’m still at the same place. I need Republic to let me know the exact steps to get my replacement/shipping labels/etc.


Thanks for the reassuring words! Actually going in and reading the fine print in the returns document helped calm me down. As you said, I reported the problem in time, so now feel relieved that there’s not a giant timer ticking down that would prevent me from getting this fixed for no charge.



Please post your support ticket number here and an ambassador can see what the deal is with the ticket. Nobody can access any info on your ticket but support staff.

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Good Morning @lorijoc.vlssfz,

Would you be kind enough to peek in on your ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. If you don’t see a more recent response, please go ahead and post your ticket number and I’ll be happy to make an inquiry with staff on your behalf. Posting the ticket number exposes no confidential content; it merely gives me a reference point to make that inquiry with staff.

While I agree what you describe is likely a hardware defect, please understand additional troubleshooting to rule out a software issue may be required. You mention being asked to clear the cache(s), however, Republic support may ask that you try safe mode and/or a factory reset before discussing replacement. Please be patient with them should they do so. These are often a necessary part of the process.


Hi @lorijoc.vlssfz ,

We do try to prioritize tickets according to the severity of the issue. A crackly speaker will not receive quite the same urgency of response as a phone that has become completely disfunctional. However, we will not penalize you in any way as far as the timing of our return policies based on our response time.

I have reviewed your ticket and requested that it receive the attention it deserves. I would agree your wait time at this point has been excessive, and I apologize for that. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.


I checked my ticket, and there are no further responses (last was 12/21 at 16:46). My ticket number is #1024186


Ticket 1024186


Hi @lorijoc.vlssfz,

Apologies, I was away from the computer picking up visiting family at the airport. Meanwhile, I see you already have staff’s attention here:…. I’m confident Republic will get things sorted for you.


Hi @lorijoc.vlssfz ,

There is a response in your ticket awaiting your reply, it looks to be from about the same time that you posted your ticket number here.