BLU V70 future support?

Are you going to support the new bluv70, 4G, LTE, universal unlocked phone powered by Android?

Hi @susang.mlcg5o and welcome to the Member Community. I’m just another member with no inside track on RW plans. RW doesn’t really share future plans. Updates are posted as announcements here: Announcements & News - Member Community

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Anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope. Don’t know if anyone else has anything to share. They will certainly jump in if they do!


The specs say a dual sim for dual phone numbers from different carriers. I don’t think this will pass inspection with RW and this is just my opinion…RW don’t allow dual sim phones as a standard BUT there is always exceptions to rules so submit it the most they can say is NO.

Here’s a Q&A that clarifies RW support for dual-SIM technology. Does Republic Wireless Support Dual-SIM Technology? – Republic Help

I’m going to chime in here with, perhaps, a somewhat nuanced view of Republic service and dual SIM phones. It’s quite correct to say Republic doesn’t currently support use of dual SIM on phones with active Republic service. It’s another matter to say Republic doesn’t support dual SIM phones currently and/or might not add more in the future.

Among the list of Republic compatible phones are OnePlus’ 6T and 7T. Both models are dual SIM phones. As mentioned, Republic does not support use of the second SIM with Republic service active on the phone and, to the best of my knowledge, dual SIM doesn’t work on either the OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7T with Republic service active.

On the other hand, there are dual SIM phones that apparently do work with Republic service active on them. These phones are Google’s Pixel 3a, 3a XL , 4 and 4XL. I’m personally using AT&T Prepaid and Republic service on a Pixel 4 XL simultaneously. The caveat is these Pixel’s second SIM is an eSIM rather than a second SIM slot. eSIM support in the U.S. is rather limited for now. Republic doesn’t support eSIM, so Republic service must use the Pixel’s single physical SIM. Republic also doesn’t currently support dual SIM on these Pixels but lack of support and won’t work are not always one and the same.

I have no inside information regarding potential future support for BLU’s V70 or any other BLU model. That said, the fact BLU’s phones are generally dual SIM does not in and of itself preclude potential future support.


You guys are great, thanks a bunch for all your info. I love my Blu v70 and, just a few minutes ago, found a provider to support it.

Cheers, Sue

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