Blue Line in Google Maps

Hi. I have a Moto G Power. I can’t see the blue line in the Google Maps app when I create a trip route. My wife can’t see the blue line on her phone (Moto G Fast). The map also doesn’t move as I go along the route. I searched online and found some suggested solutions. So far nothing seems to work. None of them mentioned cell towers. Could that be one of the issues. I use a CDMA sim card.


Yes I have.

Try clearing the app cache.

Hi. We did that. Tried these too: Top 7 Ways to Fix Google Maps Not Showing Route

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Let’s take a quick step back. Can you try loading an alternative Map program like Waze or Amiigo and try creating a route in those. Does it work there?

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. My wife and I installed Waze on our phones and it works. Getting full activity. So…is it the Google maps app? Maybe a conflict with an update?

Anyway, thanks. We’ll use Waze from now on.

Hi @johnd.8e056v,

Indeed if Waze works, that suggests an issue with the Google Maps app on your phone. It seems you prefer Waze but if wanting to attempt fixing Google Maps, I would uninstall Maps app updates, restart the phone, then reinstall Maps app updates.


Hi. After using Waze for a few trips my wife and I both agree-we don’t like it. So we’re going to follow your directions and hope that solves the problem(s) we’re having with Google maps.


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