Blue tooth issue

Hello, I have the Moto 3 generation android phone and I can connect to blue tooth without any issues but its static and cuts out frequently. When someone else connects to it they have clear sound. I don’t know how to fix it or if there is any way to fix it? I have tried different devices and same issue every time. Have also done a soft reset but not reset to factory settings because I have no idea how to back up my contacts

If your contacts are at this link then Google has them backed up for you:

How I get them to go there tho and know they are there??

first on a computer click the link the @billg listed log into your gmail account and see if the contacts are there (most likely they are as syncing is the default state with gmail link to you phone unless you do not link a gmail to the phone)

if your contacts are not there then go into your phone setting/accounts/google/your gmail account link to the phone and turn on contacts sync (if you have no gmail account on the phone you can also add one in setting accounts.add account then select google)

It isn’t linked with gmail account it’s linked to something else

HI @rachaeld.l5ocjb ,

I see @drm186 told you how to get to your Google contacts from your PC. That is nice to know since it is so much easier to manage one’s contacts from their PC. If you have factory reset your PC and the problem persists it might be caused by some app you installed on your phone. Typically apps are reinstalled after a reset so problems caused by apps can reappear.

To find out if this is the case, restart your phone in Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows only the native apps to run. If the problem is gone when the downloaded apps are disabled you know one of them is interfering with Bluetooth.

Safe Mode


If your contacts are being held by some other provider is there a link to that provider that lets you access them from your PC? Are you using that provider’s app for your email and contacts? We can probably help you with this but we need more detailed information.

Did you try Safe Mode to see if that eliminated the noise?

The phone says it’s backed up to my bfs email which is an aol account. It doesn’t say anything about the contacts tho it says you can back them up to google but he doesn’t have google account.

It really isn’t practical to have an Android phone and not have a Google account. Without a Google account you can’t get to the Play Store to get important updates to apps.

Here is a link to the AOL app that handles their mail and contacts:

AOL: Mail, News & Video - Android Apps on Google Play

That link takes you to the Play Store which, like I said, requires a Google account.

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