Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity issues

What phone do you have?
Moto G4 Play

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Republic My Choice

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Talk, Text, Data

Issue Description

Ever since getting my Moto G4 Play I’ve been having issues getting my headsets to stay connected while using WiFi calling. I have two Plantronics M70s and they will either give me skipping audio or not connect at all while using WiFi calling. Turning off the WiFi radio solves the problem.

Occasionally there’s a golden moment where it works properly, but it’s very rare.
Alternative calling programs don’t seem to share the same issue. For example Google Hangouts seems to work fine.

Sometimes my headset will disconnect, pause, and reconnect.

All of these behaviors seem pretty unusual- this wasn’t a problem at all with my previous phone- a Moto Z Play.

Hope somebody can shed some light on the situation. My assumption was that it’s some kind of frequency overlap, as it seems to be a little bit worse when I use a 2.4Ghz network than when I use a 5Ghz network.

The M70 is Bluetooth 3.0 … the current is 5.0, and Bluetooth uses 2.4Mhz, so using 5.0Ghz should help.
Take a look at this


The issue is the G4 Play doesn’t support 5GHz wifi. It only supports B/G/N in 2.4GHz. (The other G4 phones did, but the less expensive play did not include 5GHz capabilities).

That said, I agree, that this is likely an interference issue. Older versions of bluetooth stink at avoiding interference and on the older phones that share a common BT/Wifi radio it is even worse.

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My workshop router is 2.4Ghz only as well, so I’ve gotta work around that anyway. Should I just try different WiFi channels until I find something that works? The wifi spectrum range is within the bluetooth spectrum, so it’s not like there’s a band where there isn’t any overlap.

This whole issue ends up negating a lot of the point of Republic- piggybacking on faster networks to avoid cell traffic. Seems kinda dumb to use cell when there’s fiber ~30 feet from me most of the time.

No wonder. I’m surprised this issue wasn’t so bad on my Moto Z Play, although it never held onto wifi calling for very long. Maybe that’s why…

On a secondary note, does anyone have a suggestion for a wireless headset/headphones that would be less likely to have this problem? I acknowledge that this isn’t really within the scope of my original question.

After some poking around I realized I may not have a G4 Play, and since the product names get confusing, I’ll use the model number from here: XT2093-4. The issue remains though.

Have you looked for interfering networks? (See: Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide)

Would you like to try a {specific item name removed to prevent requests}? The Community Treasure Chest has one left from overstock inventory that needs a home. It appears to use Bluetooth 4.0, so still not the latest and greatest, but it might offer an improvement. Except, we have only one, and it seems you’re using two of the Plantronics M70s? Maybe you’d prefer headphones?


Thanks for that link, this is really helpful information. I’ll poke around and see what I discover.

I’m not using the two at the same time, just cycling them so I don’t have to be as diligent about charging the batteries. Thanks for the offer, but I think that some 5.0 headphones are probably going to be the way to go when it comes time to upgrade.


Okay. I think I have it narrowed down. The real answer is that this phone has terrible Bluetooth/WiFi. I tried my dad’s Liberty Air 2 wireless earbuds while watching a youtube video, and neither internet nor bluetooth worked at the same time.

I have, however, found a workaround for the Plantronics m70 issues for wifi calling: if I call with the wifi radio off and the headset on, I can turn the wifi radio back on during the call and things will work normally without any audio dropouts. Mostly.

Thanks everyone for your tips and ideas.


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