Bluetooth connection from Moto G5 Plus to Huawei smartwatch 2073


I received my new Moto G5 Plus yesterday and am in the process of getting things set up there. One serious issue I am having it setting up the bluetooth pairing between the phone and the Huawei 2073. I have tried to do the pairing a dozen times, but they never recognize each other so they can connect. I had no problem connecting my old Moto X (1st ed) and have successfully paired the Moto G5 Plus to a bluetooth speaker.

Is there some way to identify what the problem is? Are these devices somehow incompatible?


Take a look at the smartwatch documentation…usually bluetooth accessories are shipped in pairing mode…once paired…you may need to press some pin combination to put them in pairing mode.


Nothing else seemed to work including powering the phone off and on and powering the watch off and on. Finally made the connection, though it took a factory reset of the watch. Once I started over it was able to connected.


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