Bluetooth does not detect devices on my Moto G5 Plus


I have a Moto G5 Plus phone. I am on the basic plan and buy data when I need it.

My problem is that my phone will not detect bluetooth devices. I had no problem with it up until March 14, 2018 and then it just stopped detecting any bluetooth devices. There are plenty in the area. I have tried a soft reset. When I go to Settings and find Bluetooth it says Disconnected. I tap on Bluetooth but there it says it is On. But it is unable to find any devices but there are plenty near by that it should be detecting. What more can I do?


I have a G5+ and had the same problem. I thought it was a problem with one device but then I tried others and discovered that the G5+ wouldn’t connect to any. I found a solution on the Moto support site. I just found that solution today.

Go to settings and then apps. In the upper right there is a menu that gives you a choice to show system apps. Then scroll down to the “Blutooth Share” app and click on that. Then clear the cache for that app. If that doesn’t fix it right away, power the G5+ off and restart it.

I hope that works for you. Let us know.


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