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I have a moto e5 play with Android 8.0.0. About a week ago my bluetooth stopped discovering any devices. It was working normally, then stopped one day. I have been able to connect to my car and speaker with other devices, so I know those are working. I have followed these two suggestions:

And I have tried resetting a few other network settings. I still cannot get it to discover any devices. Are there any other things I can try here? Thanks.

Hi @yans.7rgry7 and welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Please try going to the Moto Help app on your phone and under “hardware test” run the one for Bluetooth.

It should run a quick test, then show if you have any paired devices and finally it will scan and show you a list of devices available.

Give that a shot and let us know what happens.

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I ran the hardware test and it did not find a bluetooth device. I have also tried resetting app preferences and network settings from the Reset menu in Settings.

It looks like you have a hardware failure. That is the first test the app does. If it passed you would get a green check where you see the red explanation point in your screen shot.

Per Republics page on this:

You should, (per the bottom of the page):

“If the Hardware tests are failed, please take a screenshot of the Hardware Test page and open a Help Ticket providing the screenshot for reference. If you already have a ticket open, attach the screenshot to your existing ticket.”

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’ve got a ticket open now. I appreciate the help!

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You’re Welcome! :slight_smile:

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