Bluetooth phone package with Moto G Play

I have a Moto G Play and recently purchased a car with bluetooth phone capabilities. I am able to tell the bluetooth phone package to make a call. It will make the call, but I have to pick up my phone to be involved in the call. Just wondering if there is something I need to set on my phone to use this package available.

If you provide the Car (or 3rd party after market) name of the Bluetooth perhaps someone else will already have solved the problem?

I just purchased a 2015 Volkswagen TDI Diesel Jetta

Hi @laveenas.azhqcc ,

It would appear from the silence here that no one in our Community has experience with that particular car or anything similar. Do you think someone at the dealership might be able to help you set up the phone to work correctly with the car’s Bluetooth system?

It appears that many VW dealers have blogs explaining how to pair their phones. (Maybe because folks have a problem with it?)

Here is one I found: How to pair your VW Jetta with Bluetooth

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