Bluetooth problem (Moto G4+)

There seems to be something wrong with my bluetooth connection. It cannot find devices it was connected to previously. I tried turning off bluetooth, restarting the phone wiping the cache ,resetting the connections and no luck. Any suggestions?

Hi @mntnlady53 and welcome to the Member Community. Can you share with us what phone you have?

Sorry, I thouht I put that in the post. Apparently not. I have a moto g4 plus.

Here’s a link to someone who had a similar problem with a Moto G5 Plus. Not sure it applies to your problem but it’s worth a quick check.

Others may also offer some solutions specific to the Moto G4 Plus.

I had tried that.but I tried again. Will see if it works this time.

You can also test the hardware using :motohelp: Moto Help (it’s on all Motorola devices) and nothing to download

Depending on what device you are trying to connect to… they do need to be put in discovery/pairing mode in order to be detected. Usually, most devices start out in this state until they are paired with something…for future pairing you do need to press a key combination or something like that to put it in pairing mode.

Sorry I had to leave the discussion, Tried every suggestion I could and by some miracle pairing seems to be working. Got my hearing aids connected and Ford Sync. Not sure which suggestion worked, but thank you everyone.

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