Bluetooth randomly drops then resumes since the last update

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? My Choice+4GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

I have had my phone successfully paired with my car stereo for many months with no issues. As soon as I accepted the last update a day or two ago, that connection randomly drops every few minutes for anywhere between 30 seconds to several minutes, then resumes again. The car stereo says ‘no device connected’ during this time. This is unrelated to anything else I do or don’t do on my phone while it’s happening.

I would first try deleting the phone from the car stereo pairing list, then re-adding it.

I’ve already tried deleting and re-pairing. No effect.

You might contact Motorola directly or try the Motorola guided troubleshooting at


Nothing has helped so far. This only started happening right after my last update.

Hi @tanitht,
I just ‘unmarked’ your problem as solved as it appears it isn’t.
This in no way was meant to reflect on @cbwahlstrom response that was marked as the ‘Solution’ as this would be the best place to go for a response, they have a much larger install base to gather results from.
Often when a manufacture updates their code it includes ‘fixing’ things that we as end user were not aware of, tightening specs, etc. This can lead to problems with 3rd app party problems such as you are experiencing. Failures of this type are difficult to pin down as until the failing app can be isolated, problem determined and a fix provided.

  • Perhaps if you would post back the car stereo name or name of the app in the car that provides the Bluetooth connectivity, one of us could help check to see if they have provided a fix, or at least help you make them aware of the problem.
  • The Android OS (operating system), that you have in your X4 has done a very good job of preventing complete hangs of the phone. They do this by shutting down processes to prevent serious problems with the main OS of the phone … which in your case appears to be the Bluetooth adapter in the phone.
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I’ll research my stereo brand, though I am not sure how to find it. It’s whatever was stock for a 2016 Nissan Versa Note. I am not using an app to connect to it, just bluetooth pairing. Thanks!

Here is something that ‘fixes’ a lot of things … clear cache of the app. This is not straight forward, but I happen to have a Moto X4, so have cobbled together this from combining some Google hits

  • Select :settingsicon: Settings
    • Apps & notifications
    • Tap: ‘See all xxx apps’
    • Tap :dots: top right
      • Tap Show system

Continue below

  1. Scroll to Bluetooth (Bluetooth MIDI Service is shown below it) … BOTH should be cleared
  2. Select Bluetooth
  3. Select Storage
  4. Clear Cache (I would clear both Cache & Storage)
    back up and then repeat steps 2 to 4 for Bluetooth MIDI Service
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Hi, @tanitht,
Were you able to overcome the problem with your Bluetooth dropping?
If the method that I outlined was effective, or if you made some correction to it let us know, as end-user validation is very important to the community.

I was not able to get any information on the brand of stereo, other than that it is the stock factory model for the 2019 Versa Note SV. The problem has not changed or been solved. It is still randomly dropping Bluetooth connectivity.

Were you able to Clear the Caches using the instructions I provided?

Yes. I did clear the Bluetooth cache. I will test again today using other Bluetooth devices as well as that stereo, thank you.

Good next step, other than that I am about out of ideas not having the same car/phone/problem as you … hopefully someone else can chime in with help. You may want go to your Nissan dealer and see if you could talk one of their salesmen into seeing what they can do?

Hi @tanitht,

Did clearing the Bluetooth cache help at all?
If not, are you able to replicate the issue with other Bluetooth devices?

@jben and others, thank you for your help. I am not using any app other than Google Play to connect, just a simple bluetooth pairing. I have cleared the cache to no avail. I was unable to get anyone to answer my question at the dealership about what the stock stereo model is for a 2016 Nissan Versa Note, and I’m not skilled at removing and re-installing car stereos which appears to be the only way I could see anything like a brand name or model number. The problem seems to have partially resolved itself, with drops in Bluetooth connectivity happening much less often, but not as a result of anything I did.

Try turning off Bluetooth on your phone for 10 seconds and then turning it back on when you get in your car
My G6 was having problems connecting to my Buick each day after overnight charging so I been turning off Bluetooth each night and turning it back on when I unplug it from the charger
each morning and haven’t had problems since

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