BlueTooth Trying to Connect to Unwanted Devices

My MotoX 2nd gen has suddenly started to give me an quick two note audio notification every minute or so.

The issue seems to be Bluetooth related as when the notification sound comes on very briefly (1/2 second) there is a Bluetooth icon in the upper left hand corner. If I turn off BlueTooth the notification stops. But any time I have BlueTooth on, I get this audio notification every minute or so but it is so quick I cannot see what app is the problem or what is wrong.

If I have the BlueTooth menu open ( Settings > BlueTooth) the audio notification stops but there is a very quick (1/2 second) flash on my screen like it is trying to connect with something. There are two devices listed under “Available Devices” that must be my neighbor’s. So I am thinking the phone is trying to pair with those.

How do I keep my BlueTooth on, but stop the phone from trying to connect to other devices every minute or so and giving me this annoying notification?

In my opinion, you should not keep bluetooth turned on constantly unless you are using it. Leaving bluetooth on will drain the battery more quickly. Draining the battery more quickly means more recharges. More recharges means shorter battery life. The battery in your phone is non-replaceable. Non-replaceable means you will have to buy a new phone sooner, rather than later. So, that annoying notification tone may be simply to alert you that bluetooth is turned on, unnecessarily using up battery.

However, when bluetooth is in use and you are connected to another device via bluetooth, you should not be getting constant bluetooth notifications.

There was an interesting solution at this link:

Ignore / stop incoming bluetooth connect/pair requests - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

What that person did was connect to the neighbor’s device with their tablet. Then the neighbor’s quit bugging their phone every 60 seconds.

I started the phone in Safe Mode and the notifications went away. So the question is:

1) How to I determine which one is the offending app?

It is BlueTooth related. There is a notice that flashes on the screen so quickly that it is impossible to read or get a screen shot of it. If I turn off BlueTooth the notification stops. But I need BlueTooth on while in my car.

Does this occur when you are in your car and Bluetooth is connected?

I found the offender! It was my Panasonic land line phone that is BlueTooth enabled. It kept trying to connect to my cell phone. Had to turn BlueTooth off on the landline.

Thank you for all help! You guys are great.

It might be useful to you to go ahead and connect to your Panasonic home phone system. That will allow you to receive and place cell/wifi calls on any of that system’s handsets.

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