Bluetooth - where is dual audio option in Android 10 BT settings?

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S9

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All three

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Hi! I am running Android 10 on my Samsung Galaxy S9. I am looking for the Dual Audio option in the Advanced screen in my Bluetooth settings, but it’s not there. Supposedly this came with Android 10. Anyone know how I can connect my S9 to two bluetooth speakers? Thanks!

Hi @lawrencee.626n44,

Please forgive the obvious question but are both speakers already paired to the phone? Using dual audio is not something, I’ve attempted personally, however, Samsung’s guidance on the topic is linked here:

If that doesn’t help and no one else chimes in, perhaps, you might reach out to Samsung support as this is purely a phone as opposed to a phone service function.

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What you may be looking for is the Wireless Sound System which allows you to “listen to audio on up to 4 Bluetooth devices individually, or bring them together for a stereo setup.” On my Moto X4, I use the following path. Hopefully yours will be similar.

Go to “Settings
Choose “Connected devices
Select “Connection preferences
Click on “Wireless Sound System
Toggle the switch to “On

You can get more information on how the wireless sound system works by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the wireless sound system page and selecting “About” from the menu.

EDIT: After googling , I discovered that there is a “wireless sound system” app available that was created by Motorola. My phone came with the functionality built in. The app may or may not work with Samsung phones.

Interesting … I have an X4 and can’t find Wireless Sound System, tried both your explicit directions and search (my preferred since devs got better at hiding things). Also can’t find an app in the Play Store by Motorola titled Wireless Sound System

  • Could you post link to the app in Play Store, so I can try it on my Samsung?
    Never mind, was using the Samsung to attempt to find/download … when I tried the PC it let me know that the app was not available for the Samsung

Sorry to see that it is not avaiIable for Samsungs. It can be a useful tool for sharing audio.

I did a follow up search and wireless sound system shows up as a result on my X4.
Also, when I follow my directions and select connection preferences, wireless sound system is the top selection on the page that opens. If i open “Apps and notifications” then the wireless sound system appears as a system app. I don’t have any idea why it is a system app on my Moto X4 but does not appear at all on yours. ? !

We seem to be a bit off track here to help @lawrencee.626n44 @rolandh provided Samsung’s guidence on connecting to multiple devices, until we hear back that Samsung’s steps don’t work it seems like we’re prematurely looking to shoehorn on a different solution.

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