Bogus Phone Reviews from Republic

Phone Reviews not accurate. I got an email from Republic and was asked to rate the last phone Moto G (16GB) (Black) (3rd Gen.) I gave an honest rating nothing derogatory and sent it in. Message back from Republic says, “Sorry but we were unable to publish your review…” Seems only good reviews are published and therefore, reviews are inaccurate at best. I take the time to do the review and find it won’t be published…why bother? Next time send emails out that say, "do you have something nice to say about the XXX phone you just received. Write about it IF you do…

Not the way to run a business… covering up a phone that is only so-so, does not reflect well on any business trying to get going…transparency is the only way to go…and fix the issues.

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Hi @williamc.4pnywa!

Republic does not filter these reviews. I just checked and most of the recent reviews (over the last few days) have been sub 3-star reviews. I am not sure what happened with your review. I would suggest trying it again. Maybe you could copy the content and paste it into a new review?


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Heck, for that matter, post it here in the forum. Maybe the community can spot why it may have been rejected.

I have two people currently using the G3 (one coming from an X1 and the other from a G1) and they both like them. I think the G3 is a good phone, a little above a budget phone, in my opinion, at the time of it’s release.

Being eligible for the 2.0 plan is certainly a plus…(I keep one/two as backups).

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The only thing Bogus at RW is some of their decisions on the Defy and the Ascend sale, & assorted other rash decisions and bad timelines. I don’t know of any reviews being cut. Maybe @southpaw@rw can comment on the process of the choosing of who is used and what happens to unused reviews. Do they have a file of them on a computer or maybe fill in the blank because I really don’t know the RW inner workings.

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As the Moto G3 is no longer available or marketed by Republic, I would guess that your review was not published as they did not have a phone to attribute it to?

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I thought about that, but there are reviews from the last few days, so they must be still accepting them.

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Hi @williamc.4pnywa,

I’m afraid I’m not at all tuned in to how the Marketing team solicits, selects, rejects, or even uses the phone reviews. I would suspect that just as many (ok, maybe nearly as many) good reviews have to be passed up as ones giving more negative feedback. Typically our company is open to hearing both positive and negative feedback as long as it as honest and rational; and we accept the negative feedback as an opportunity to do better.

Your review is certainly welcome here in Community. Would you mind taking a few minutes to post it?

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Republic does not filter these reviews.

RW reserves the right to filter reviews and does at times.

I would guess that your review was not published as they did not have a phone to attribute it to?

Unless review submitted and response received while G3 sill shown on the Phone page this would be my guess too. G3s reviews have not been available there for a while. Sold out a couple of months ago, showed sold out then disappeared.

Received an email today from RW with an invitation to write a review on my Moto Z Play. Did just that, but at the end I realized that my review can’t be submitted because the space provided may contain perhaps one or two sentences only.

Just enough to copy and paste the RW’s suggested example: “Example: I bought this phone a month ago and am so happy that I did…”

That’s funny, a sort of a busy response that says: “here is the review you asked for and stop bothering me”

Here is a copy of my my actual review I tried to submit to RW minus the requested ratings:

It’s a keeper. Long lasting battery and the fingerprint lock are just the highlights of the awesomeness of this phone. There are more high points and one of them is the fact that this phone never overheats! I’m not a ‘gamer’ but instead of running performance benchmarks I just play Asphalt 8 for 10 minutes to get an objective take. Moto Z Play plays cool. Yeah, it doesn’t have a Snapdragon 820 in it and that’s the good thing, Moto Z Play won’t ‘burn’ your hands when you’re recording videos for prolonged amount of time, as reported by many other phone’s users.

As for the Moto Mods options and functionality I’m still waiting for something to get really excited about. I like the ‘modular’ idea to be able to extend the functions of the phone, beyond the phone itself, but so far I don’t see it there yet. The JBL SoundBoost speaker sound is disappointing, I use great sounding BT speakers(w/ double woofers! :slight_smile: I’ve bought for less$$ then JBL costs. Another example: Hasselblad camera, has 10X optical zoom and that’s very nice but it costs some $250 where my current ‘pocket’ camera has 18X optical, it’s loaded with tonnes of other features for a price of $200(Casio EX-ZR800)

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