Bogus phone sales

Got burned twice on these so called deals and leaving Republic tomorrow the 31st

I Found another carrier with the initials of CW and they have real people to talk to instead of someone in a chat box that hide from you AND block you when they cannot answer a question

The other phone company CW has way better phones than here anyway

I hope y’all enjoy having to pay for big money phones for a upgrade because the other one’s NEVER are available

assuming the other carrier is Cricket Wireless you need to know you will need a 2 step number transfer

Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by…

as Cricket refuse to port VOIP or landlines (their internal policy there no reason why they cannot as there parent company does (AT&T)

also note Cricket has a history of text issues (my wife on Cricket will have issues with pics no downloading)

We have a mix of Cricket and Republic phones in my house. Each carrier serves it’s own purpose. I wouldn’t expect much from the phone support at Cricket though… Having dealt with them since they were an independent CDMA carrier, pre-AT&T, I can say that I’ve spent more time explaining their service to phone support than they’ve spent supporting me.

BTW – Since all new Republic phones can be bought elsewhere, why are you hanging around here waiting for sales?

No Cricket , Consumer Wireless ,

And yes phones can be bought elsewhere but was hoping on upgrading without doing SIM card changes and wanted to get the deals they advertised on here which were obviously to good to be true

Correction --------- CC ,Consumer Cellular

I’m not sure what was “too good”. The Moto Z was available for the entire sale period, with the six months free service. They even extended the sale period by a week.

The Huawei Ascend sold out very quickly. We got two. We returned both. Hated them. I can’t blame Republic for this. We thought about keeping them for the free service, but free service with a phone you hate just won’t work.

Other than sour grapes over missing the Ascend sale… I’m not sure what this is about.

As far as Consumer Cellular goes, they may have phone support, but their pricing isn’t close to competitive.

Their base plan, $15 for 250 minutes. Republic’s $15 for unlimited calling/texting.

Their $20 plan is 250 calling minutes, 2,000 texts and 200MB of data. Republic’s $20 is unlimited calling/texting and 1GB of data.

I’ll mention that for heavy users, it gets worse.

If you want unlimited calling/texts and 4GB of data their price is $90. DOUBLE Republic’s cost. And additional data is $10/GB AT REDUCED SPEEDS! That’s a lot of phone support!

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