Boingo pros and cons?

Saw the email and posting about 6 free months of Boingo from Amazon. What are the pros and cons of Boingo? What does it do that my Moto X Pure doesn’t already do?

Boingo is a paid WiFi service that some retail locations are using (a Mall around here use to have it as a provider) I seen airports and some convention centers also use it but not all that many)

I personally would not use them as they are a paid service and I can get cell data on my phone

a lot of places they are also have a free tier which is what I use

I think it’s mostly a con. The 200 Wi-Fi locations they show in my area are all free anyway. No need to pay Boingo to connect to McDonalds Wi-Fi. Perhaps in some areas it makes sense.

I think they fluff their numbers with free hot spots

Thanks for the feedback. Think I’ll pass on this app. Not sure why RW is promoting it. :-/

it was just something they could fill up a day on there 12 days of Christmas promotion

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