Bombarded with unwanted spam calls



I recently activated my Motoe4 which I bought through Republic Wireless and kept my old number also from RW. As soon as my new phone was activated I average around 10-15 spam calls a day from all over the country. They are fake numbers. Most are silent when I answer, but some are “your warranty is expiring…” or other junk. I have always had this problem as an RW customer, but it is getting worse. I’ve read there is a 2nd phone number associated with the phone. Is it possible to change that?

I’ve blocked all the spam numbers, but every day it is different phone numbers. It’s the same spammers using different fake numbers.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


You might want to download these apps: Hiya, Truecaller, Call Blocker, and Mr. Number. Those are the apps I have on my phone.


Hi @rosemaryw -
This is something our support team can easily help with!

Head here to chat with an agent or open a ticket & let them know you’re getting a bunch of spam calls.


these are most likely coming from the underlying carrier number, contacting support as @richard.p suggest would be the best way to handle it


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