Boosting cell signal at home

My daughter and I each have a Moto G7 . Our internet capability at home is less than desirable due to our carrier. We have no problems with our cell signal outside the home, but it is very weak inside. I’ve heard it discussed that it might be because of the metal roof and siding or the plaster/ lathe walls. We use the CDMA SIM cards, which gives us a better signal than the GSM.

Since she is a busy student and the majority of her work is online we’d like to try to boost the cell signal inside to supplement our WiFi.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Because Republic doesn’t support or recommend cellular boosters you’re not likely to get much of an answer around here. The simplest thing would be if there was any way to improve your wifi quality and then the natural Republic wifi first characteristics would take care of the rest.

If you did have a better cell reception inside would your intention be to use the phone as a wifi hotspot so she could a computer for her work?


Perhaps we could explore your WiFi with you to see if some improvements could be made?

  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  • What Router are you using? (make/model/ver, usually on a tag, would be very helpful)
  • How close are your neighbors? (to check to see if they might be a cause of interference)
  • If you run the Republic Wireless, found in the RW App / (?)" / Run Diagnostics test, do any of the warnings or failures point towards the WiFi?

Yes that’s the plan.

Thanks for your reply. Our ISP is Verizon. Router is Netgear N 150 wnr1000. The republic diagnostic test showed wifi cross channel. I’m sorry, I’m technology dumb. Is the cross channel coming from a neighbor? We also have a wifi enabled printer…is that interfering?

The situation that they found (the RW diagnostics) might look like this example:
The device #2 which is on channel 4, would show as Cross Channel interference on devices 1, 3 & 4.

  • I would suggest that you consult this link => WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times and do the following:
    • Do Quick Check #1 and then re-run the Republic Diagnostic, if the diags run clean then stop. Your router successfully picked a clean channel when it was power cycled.
  • If it still shows interference you will need to dig a little deeper … Quick Check #2 with provide additional information
    • You may need to determine if you were connected to the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz channels on your router.
    • The channel in use can be found in the Android Settings :settingsicon: / Network & internet /Wi-Fi … here it will show the name of your router/ Tap this then tap it again on the next screen… it will show Signal strength/Frequency etc.etc.

If you run into any problems just come on back for more help, there are many fellow Republic uses that can work with you

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Hi @elainek.lkp2dk,

I tried this and should work for you in a pinch when WiFi internet needed for other devices in the house. Take your phone outside and leave it where you have your signal then activate the hotspot. WiFi range isn’t great but will work if your phone and device are close enough. Be sure to cover your phone if raining.

Hopefully you can get your main WiFi provider/router situation straightened out. Using RW phone’s hotspot for home WiFi is cost prohibitive for most users.


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