Bose Hear cannot find the phone. Any ideas?

The Bose Hear phone app is not working. I see that the app says “locations” permission is off, but settings shows that location is “on” when the app is in use. The Bose Hear Phone says it cannot find the “device” meaning he phone, I presume. It was working yesterday, now it is not. I cannot find a way to make a change in location permission. have searched the device help…Any ideas? Phone is Moto G6Play

Below is a link to a Bose help article with the topic “Bose Hear app does not detect product:”


And please let the community know your thoughts on the Bose Hearing assist as there are many of us that would be interested

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@bernieb , did you ever figure out a solution to this Bose Hear problem?

After a long conversation with the Bose support team, they offered my husband a partial refund of the price because his HearPhone does not have a bluetooth off/on switch. (Guess it is an older model). He paid about $500 + tax and they are offering about $400 including tax. HearPhone worked on his old Moto E (first generation or so) but when he got a new phone, the Moto g Play is when the Hear Phone could not find his phone. So we have upgraded to the new Sound Control Hearing aids by Bose. Only had a few days, so far, so good.

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