Bought 2 Moto 6G phones. Volume at any level, is too low


My wife and I just replaced our Moto G4 phones with G6 version. On both of our phones, the max volume is not loud enough to hear the ring if the phone is in a pocket or bag. I saw an earlier thread on the subject, with no solution. Has a fix been found since then? Should we return the phones? Switch companies? Thanks.



I recall some commenting on the same issue when the G6 first came out.
I think the lower volume is by design.
But if it is to low, then it may be a defect or a software issue, conflict with 3rd party app maybe.

Is the phone just as low volume when it is booted in safe mode?

Have you checked the Ringer Volume in the phones System settings?
You could try setting a different ringer that is louder.
Alternatively, you can add a custom ringtone to the phone that is louder than the stock ones.

Edit. I found at least one thread about this…and yes, does not seem to be a “fix”.


I would just find a loud ringtone you can hear. Try finding a ringtone here in
ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers


Thank you, I changed ringer tone, using Zedge, and hopefully this will solve the problem.


Thanks. Zedge was a great suggestion. I installed a loud ring tone from there and hopefully this will reduce my problem. Hopefully Moto/Lenovo will solve the problem in some upcoming release.


I doubt it as they have had sound issues for years and don’t fix them they just release a new phone to buy.
I am glad you have had success with zedge. If you can’t find a ringtone there you are just too picky haha Right!


Maybe I am picky I hate the tones we chose, but no doubt about it, they are LOUD. Thanks again.