Bought a Moto E4 to replace my Moto X(2nd gen) - now what?



I haven’t activated it yet. I’m not sure if Republic thinks I am adding a phone as opposed to replacing one. I know that my plan will change and I’m fine with that but I worry that a new number has been assigned to the Moto E4 . Will that be a problem? Also, can I return my Moto X to RW for refurbishing as a recycle?


Hi @angiek.py41su,

Republic ships phones unactivated and not attached to any specific account. Please follow this guidance from Republic for activating your new Moto E4:

At step 9, please be certain to sign into your Republic account, then select to move the number from your Moto X.

Republic does not refurbish or recycle used phones. Your Moto X is yours to do with as you please. Many of your fellow members choose to hang onto their old phones as an emergency spare. Others choose to sell on the secondary market. More on that here:


I don’t understand because I don’t use my smart phone like a computer. For my purposes, the Moto(locked) I’m replacing wasn’t holding a charge anymore and the E4 was the right price (plus it’s unlocked so it’s not really a RW phone). I’m just wondering why you are participating in this forum if you don’t like RW? In my novice mind, Republic Rocks!


Thank you! I’m good now. I just have to find time to activate my E4. Priorities, priorities - everybody’s got 'em.


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