Bought a new cell through Republic, how long to transfer previous Republic cell to new one

I purchased a new cell for my Mother in law through Republic. Her previous cell was also through Republic. We started the transfer the night of December 25th. How long will it take for the new cell to work, phone calls/text?

Hi @catiac.fw3gi2,

Moving a number from one Republic phone to another when upgrading is not considered a transfer. Rather it’s a choice made during the new phone’s activation. Did you activate the new phone using Republic’s mobile app? If so, did it receive a new number?


My daughter worked on the transfer. I’m assuming yes as she had to ask for the Republic password.

Hi @catiac.fw3gi2,

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s online Community where members (Republic likes to call customers members) do their best to help other members. We cannot see what’s going on with the phone from Republic’'s end and, therefore, cannot presume what might be going on.

I will say if the new phone received a new number, direct assistance from a Republic agent is required. To reach an agent, please ask the owner for the account housing your mother-in-law’s phone to click (or tap) this link:

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