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Last week my phone died due to the USB port being damaged and not charging. So wanting to upgrade I bought a new phone and new plan.

I would like to have the phone number on my old phone on my new phone but still want to keep the old phone with a new number to give to another family member after I fix it. Parts are on order and I’ve already removed the bad connector.

The new phone arrived this morning after I left for work of course.

So here is my question. If I put my number on the new phone. What happens when I fix and power up the old phone?

Also what is the best way to get my contacts list and photo’s and other personal things on my new phone that is not on a cloud service? That I know I have but have never tried to retrieve anything from.




When you activate the new phone as a replacement to the old phone using the same Gmail account all the contacts transfer and so do apps in the playstore. If you used google photos they are saved too. The text messages don’t get saved but they can be backed up with a 3rd party app.

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play

Activate My Phone

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Hello @lookforjack!

When you activate the new phone with the old phones number, your old phone will automatically be deactivated. This means that when you reactivate it, you will receive a new number and, if activated under your account, will add a new line to your account. As far as the contacts go, Google automatically backs up your contacts and when you set up your Google account on the new device, the contacts will automatically transfer. To save your photos, you might want to sign into the Google Photos app and start a backup so it backs them all up to the cloud. I would also sign into Google Drive and run a backup as well (just in case). I am sure someone who is more knowledgeable than me will be able to add more. In the mean time, hope that helps a little! Merry Christmas!



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