Bought Data and it stopped working, got stuck at 10mb used

I have a moto G6

Basic choice talk & text

Plan does not include data but I buy 5gb data when I travel to make sure i am online wherever i am

Issue Description

This has happened to me several times already. I buy additional 5gb data whenever I travel so I am sure to be online, but then it gets stuck at 10mb used, gives me a 2gb warning, but then it doesn’t load anything—no FB, not even messenger. No emails. Nothing. And yet, I am told I only used 10mb or 0 gb used. And i have 28 days left to use it but it’s just stuck at 10mb—it’s not letting data in.

i followed all instructions online. My Mobile Network >> Mobile Data is turned on, Roaming is turned on. Preferred Network type is LTE. Wifi is turn on automatically, connect to open networks.

Republic App settings does not show any reference to Data settings at all. All Advanced Settings are turned on…HELP, because I paid for this additional data yet I am unable to use it.

Thank you!

the first thing I check is data freeze is off in the republic app (setting tap [:gear:] -> Data tools -> Data freeze)

the next thing is the data settings of the phone making sure data saver is off and that the data warning is not set to data limit(which kills data after hitting that set point.

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Thanks. But I don’t see Data Tools / data freeze / data settings anywhere in my phone app or republic app.

The data tools should be on the setting tab,

what version of the app are you using?

I dont have DATA TOOLS. See below.

I have a Moto G6. I just now updated my Republic App and it’s still showing this below.

Hi @macecilial,

You don’t see “Data Tools” because according to the screenshots you posted, you have a talk & text but no cell data plan.

When was the cell data purchased? Did you receive email from Republic confirming the purchase? And, when is your bill cycle date?

The data was purchased on October 15. My billing cycle is Oct. 24, I believe, that’s when they get money out of my bank. Below is what it says about how much data I have used. See, I still have 27 days left.


Have you checked to see that you don’t have a limit set on your data (within the Android App itself) … this can stop all data when the limit is reached

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Hi @macecilial,

Any cell data purchased October 15th expired on your bill cycle date of October 24th. The most recent screenshot you included didn’t post correctly, so we cannot see it. There are indeed 27 days left in your billing cycle but the data has expired. Cell data purchased during a billing cycle expires with the start of the next billing cycle. There is no carryover. Please see:


Hi @macecilial,

Your screenshots still look as if your Republic app needs updating:

I can’t say if this has something to do with your issue… but I would update the app :wink:


Maybe this is why!!!

Thank you.


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