bought moto g5 phone. can't get it to work. does it have sim card what about phone number from old phone. help me, i'm old


Hi @patd!

Yes, the new phone should have a SIM in the box or already in the phone. Try looking in the box to see if the SIM is in there. Sometimes it gets lost in the box during shipping. If not, then open the SIM tray with a paperclip and check to see if it is in there. If it is, try taking it out and reseating the card. Sometimes that fixes it. As far as your number goes, when you open the Republic app on your G5 Plus (after set-up) and sign in, there will be an option to “Move (XXX)-XXX-XXXX [replace with your phone number] to this phone.” That will then deactivate your old phone and move the number to the new G5 Plus. Hope that helps!


the phone (Moto G5 Plus) if bought from Republic will have been ship with a SIM (this may or may not be pre-installed you can look in the packaging and box to see if there a credit size card with the SIM in it. (when you power up the phone does it ask for a SIM?)

to transfer you phone number once the SIM has been located and/or installed happens during activation after the signing in to your current Republic account and selecting the line the phone is replacing

Activate My Phone

I’m trying to activate my new moto g5. How do I get a new phone number ? And activate ?
Sims card installed. It’s asking me for PIN

Hi @byronh.nh2lyj

Have you reviewed this document?.

Activate Your Phone – Republic Help

this should help

Got a geek to help me

Have you opened phone to check for sim card. it probably, from what you say, does not have one.

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