Bought Moto G7 on Amazon . Want to transfer old to new, PLUS son's old to my old

What phone do you have? moto Zplay

What plan are you on? newest

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? including data talk and text

Don’t know how to do this. New motoG7(amazon) transf. from my old motoZplay should be easy (have RW sim) but son wants my Z play so how to transf. his moto g3 to my Z play after my own transfer is done? All with RW.

Need instructions how to transfer both phones…very plain instruction…@ 74 I’m slowing down a bit. Been with RWsince ‘wave L’…you old timers know what that was😂

Hi @shari2,

To transfer your number, you can move your SIM card from the Moto Z Play to your new Moto G7. You will need to download the Republic app from the Google Play store and open it to complete the on-screen activation instructions. Then move your important data over. Here is a link to some detailed information on that: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

After both are done, factory reset your Moto Z Play to remove your data and give your son a clean slate. He will need a new SIM card which can be purchased here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless

Once your son has a new SIM card in the Moto Z Play, he will need to download the Republic app to sign in to his account, choose the option to “move” his number, and select a My Choice plan.


just to add the SIM in the Moto G3 is CDMA(using the Sprint cell network) and is not transferable to another phone.
the Moto Z Play is a GSM only phone (using the T-Mobile Cell Network) and currently the Moto G7 can only be activated on Republic on GSM.

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I bought RW sim for the g7 and installed it, transferred info from Zplay already. Wish I had known I could have used the Zplay sim , oh well :upside_down_face:.
So,if I understand correctly, I need factory reset the Zplay and buy another sim (because the g3 uses c*** and Zplay uses g**) & install it.
Son wants to keep his number (on g3) so do we just transfer everything from the g3 to the Zplay in the usual way?

you can use the old one from the Moto Z Play as good for 20 days after deactivation

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Thanks to Everyone :bangbang:

I already installed the new sim in the new g7 and activated it last night. Is there any way to deactivate the Zplay sim and reuse it in the Zplay as a ‘new’ sim to transfer sons g3 account to the Zplay?
Hope that makes sense😃
If not I will just buy another RW sim.

When your transferred you number to the new Moto G7 (via the activation though the republic app) you deactivated the old SIM in the Moto Z Play, all you should need to do is factory rest the Moto Z Play and go though the activation via the Republic app on the Moto Z Play to be able to reactivate that SIM for you son

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Will he be able to retain his original number?

Yes, he will be able to retain his number.
In order to retain the number…at the time of the reactivation of the Moto Z Play…be sure to use the same RW account credentials (user name/ password) as his existing G3…and you will be presented with the option to “move <G3 phone number>” to the reactivating Moto Z Play.

He won’t be able to keep the same plan…the Moto Z Play only works on the My Choice Plan.

Also, his coverage will be different since the Moto Z Play works on Tmobile while the G3 worked on Sprint for cellular coverage.

If his area of usage is similar to yours then that should not be an issue…but just something to be aware of.


Hmmmmmm…his account is my account…main # is mine. So how can we make sure the Zplay transfers to his #? He will be transferring information from his old g3 to the Zplay. A lot more ?s than I anticipated :exploding_head:. Thank you Everyone for your patience and willingness to share :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When you activated your G7, at the step where you logged into your account on the RW app
you should have seen the options

move to <your primary number> <---- you selected this option to move your number from the Moto Z Play to the G7

move to <your son’s phone number>

You will see the same options when you do that step on the Z Play…so just be sure to pick the right phone number and that will move the G3 number to the Moto Z Play during the activation process.

For other phone Information such as photos, contacts, etc use the link shared by @jedi_n above


WOW :star_struck:Thank you :bangbang: Going ahead with it now​:sunglasses: wish me luck please…I mess up a lot, but with RW having my back I feel pretty confident :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A bit late but THANK YOU​:bangbang::bangbang: I finally got the transfer made (no it didn’t take this whole time​:flushed: just had life interfere).


Belated birthdays are a norm but a belated THANK YOU :bangbang:is what this is. Finally got it done…”life” got in the way a bit :smiley:.


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