Bought new Moto E for 199. Bigger and have no idea how to open it and put Sim card in or transfer numberes



Need help with new phone. Can’t open it to put in Sim card and no idea how to transfer numbers from old 4.4.4 phone that cost me $99 3 years ago


The phone should have had a SIM tool in its box that would allow you to open the SIM tray thats on the rim of the phone. If you take a look at the phones user manual it should have directions for inserting the SIM card as well.

As for transfering your number, this is done when you activate the new phone, there will be an option to either activate as a new line or to move your current number to the new phone.



Hi @beverlyc.4atsv0,

No SIM tool is needed with the Moto E4 Plus. One must remove the back of the phone to access the SIM slot. Please see here: How to Install the SIM Card in a Moto E4 Plus – Republic Help. Speaking from personal experience, that back is tough to get off the first time. Using a thumb to apply pressure on the Motorola logo while lifting up from the notch helps considerably.


Consumer Cellular usually has some good YouTube videos. Link is for the E4 Plus. Please disregard CC saying it comes with SIM installed.



The phone now has Internet but when I try to make a call I get the error message “Cellular network not allowed to make voice calls” – I don’t need the Internet I need to make phone calls and have the lowest cost plan without data. How do I make a phone call? If I can do that it is solved!

Beverly Cutter


Have you installed and activated through the Republic App?