Bought new Moto E to replace Moto X. Can I keep 3 G plan and number?


I bought a new Moto E phone at Republic website to replace my current Moto X. Can I keep my same 3G plan and same telephone number I have on my Moto X phone?


HI @danak.nx4xhj - Congrats on the new phone!

You can keep the same number you have on your current phone. Just follow the steps in our How to Activate a Phone as a Replacement (3.0 Phones) – Republic Help document.

You mention you bought the new Moto E on our website. This means it is one of our new phones designed for our My Choice plans & will not work with your previous 3G plan. You can review the My Choice plans (and their cost) here: How Much Are the Republic Wireless My Choice (4.0) Plans? – Republic Help


Hi @danak.nx4xhj!

You will be able to keep your current number. However you won’t be able to keep your 3G plan (I am assuming you are talking about the $25 unlimited plan). Please see the following references: If I Upgrade to a 3.0 Phone Can I Keep My Same Plan? – Republic Help and What Phones Can I Use to Keep My 1.0 and 2.0 Plans? – Republic Help . I hope that helps!



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