Bought new phone

What phone do you have? Just rec’d new Samsung J7

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Issue Description

Just rec'd new Samsung J7. SIM card was already placed by RW, but phone states no SIM card. I followed all instructions included: connected to wifi, setup google account, updated phone, downloaded RW app, and the phone still tells me "Insert SIM card" and the RW app tells me to purchase a SIM card. I logged into my account trying to transfer my number from my old phone to the new phone, but no luck. What do I do? I even tried placing the SIM card from my old phone and no luck

Hi @dannyl.cesy84,

Have you tried powering down the J7 reseating the SIM supplied by Republic, then restarting the J7. Perhaps, the SIM wasn’t fully seated upon receipt.

Chances are the SIM from your old phone isn’t compatible with the J7 but if you share the brand, model and generation of the old phone we can confirm.


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