Bought new Samsung J3, received open box with scratches


What phone do you have? Samsung J3
What plan are you on? 1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB

Issue Description

I bought a new Samsung J3 and paid for overnight shipping. What I received was an open box item that had a nice screen protector on it but also appears to have a scratch under the protector. I immediately created a trouble ticket and have been told I can return it but won't get compensated for the shipping that I paid for to get it to me. They'll pay return shipping and offered for me to buy a new one that I can again pay shipping on. I'm quit upset that I paid for a new device but instead got an open box item (if I bought open box electronic from any other retailer I would have been offered a discounted price, but I wanted new and would have turned down the offer and still bought new). The response from the "help" have only sent links to their shipping and return policies instead of resolving the fact that I received an open box item and I don't trust the device. Someone went to the trouble of opening the item, applying a new screen protector and returning it. I don't trust this product and want either a full refund including my shipping charges or a new device sent to me overnight. This is what i paid for so i dont think km asking too much here. I've been a member since beta test and have been mostly happy but this is inexcusable and causing me to rethink this service when there are other discount services like this available.


Hi @wsparson,

Please allow me a few minutes to review your ticket. I believe I saw the interaction last night where the support agent helping you asked management how to handle the situation, and all the details you had described here were not presented to management, so the response given may not have been the best answer in this situation… Of course, it may have been a different ticket. I’ll follow up with you once I’ve reviewed the ticket in full.


Ticket number 1286007.


Thank you, @wsparson,

I have already reviewed the ticket and left internal notes for the team handling it. May I have your permission to discuss what I see in the ticket, publicly here in Community, or would you prefer that I DM you privately?

Edited to add: I’ve discussed this with the team and one of our members is going to follow up with you this morning.


Publicly is fine, thanks so much !


Thank you,

When our agents asked management for advice on your ticket last night, the information about the scratches had not yet been presented to them. Because, occasionally, some phones are opened and inspected for quality assurance purposes, that a phone has been opened is not typically something that would require replacement, and the agent handling your ticket was advised based on that information. Because the phone was received damaged, the request needs to be handled differently and that process began with the request for the IMEI. You will receive additional follow-up this morning to get that process moving in the correct direction.

You have an additional concern in the ticket of needing it replaced by a specific date, and that concern could have been better addressed. Instead of providing our shipping policy, our shipping capabilities should have been explained, and alternate solutions should have been offered. We are unable to ship on weekends. I would think that possible solutions could be shipping to an alternate address, or assuring you that you could use the phone you received until a replacement can be delivered to you; however those are just my ideas and I’ll leave it to the agent who will be working with you to work something out with you to best ensure you are not left without a phone for an extended period of time.

Your ticket has been escalated to a different team and follow-up this morning should get things on track for proper resolution.


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