Bought year plan that expires mid June. Can it be cancelled for a refund?

I’ve been with RW for at least 5 years. Last June, I switched to an annual plan. My wife and 3 kids want to switch to Sprint’s family Plan, which I did yesterday. Can I get any refund with RW for the 6 months not used? If not, I’ll keep the phone until the week before the year’s up and then switch the RW phone number to my IPhone 11. Thanks!

Hi @deand.whiptt - my understanding is that the Annual payments are non-refundable. Others may have more insight in the Annual plan. Our family is still under the monthly billing.

Hope this helps!

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I recommend that you submit a help ticket and pursue this with RW help… the forums are primarily fellow members that do not have access to your account and therefore unable to help you in billing matters.


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