Brand New Moto Z Play Not Showing It's Charging

Today I bought a Moto Z Play unlocked from my local Best Buy. When I got home I inserted my sim card, turned it on, and set it up. I then was prompted with an update to Nougat, which I downloaded and installed. There were then 2 or 3 more smaller updates, which I thought was odd.

When all the updating was done, I noticed that there was no charging symbol on the battery icon. At first I thought it may be the outlet I was plugged into, but after trying a few others, I found the outlet was not the issue.

When plugged in and not displaying that it was charging, I went to the battery settings, and there it said it was charging. I figured I’d just let it charge, and went to the gym. At this point in time it was at 65%. When I got home from the gym and errands a few hours later, I found it only had reached 75%.

After a long search on the internet, and here, I could not find anyone with this exact problem. Everyone else with similar issues had Z Plays that were not brand new. Mine is literally right out of the box.

  • I cleaned the charging plug and port
  • Restarted the phone
  • Restarted to safe mode
  • Shut it down and let it charge for a bit
  • Many times

Nothing helped. I’m wondering if it’s the charger or the phone. The phone has been performing flawlessly, like I’d expect, except for this issue. Besides defective hardware/software, the only other possibility I can think of is the upgrade to Nougat, but that might be a stretch.

Does anyone know what this could be? I’d rather not go through the hassle of exchanging and re-setting up a new phone, but if that’s my only option then so be it.

The phone can be Factory Reset Moto Z Factory reset or you can download an app I like called:
Battery Notifier BT Free
The pro version is slightly better with a lightning bolt as an Icon but free is ok too as it lets you know if it’s charging.

I downloaded AccuBattery, which shows the charge and drain current among other things. The max charge current I’ve seen is only somewhere around 240mA, which seems rather low. I’ve thought about a reset, and seeing if it works if I forgo the Nougat update.

240mA is a very low charge speed, even worse than the standard USB charging of 500mA. You phone should charge at up to 2A.

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Seeing as the battery still lasts a very long time, do you think it could simply be a faulty charger?

That’s possible. Try a different charger. If you don’t have one that fits, go back to Best Buy and the plug one of theirs in the phone.

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You are charging using a wall power plug and not a computer, correct? I didn’t see where you specified which way you were charging. Are you using the supplied charger/cable and not something you already had on hand?

I was using the brand new out of the box Motorola turbo wall charger. I ended up going back to Best Buy and had them look at it. The phone must have been a dud because no matter what charger they used it did the same thing. They did a simple return and exchange, and my new Moto Z Play works perfectly. I even set it up at the store in case there was another problem.


Awesome @davetime23

Great to hear they made it right

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