Brand new Samsung J3 won't charge

What phone do you have? Brand new Samsung J3

What plan are you on? ???

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, talk, text

Issue Description

Just received a new Samsung J3 phone. The first step is to charge it, correct? I’ve got it plugged in, but nothing is happening. What do I do now?

I also got a Samsung S9, which is charging just fine.


Have you tried the J3 on the known working charger?

The S9 uses a different “adaptive fast” charger. I don’t have another Samsung phone (these were replacements for Moto phones). Do I risk any warranty with the phone by using a different charger than what it came with. I can try the Moto charger.

Thank you for helping me!

Quick guide that came with phone says that “using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damages.”

I believe the J3 unlike the S9 has a removable battery. Typically, removable batteries aren’t installed in the phone when shipped. You might check the packaging to see if the battery needs to be installed.


Yes, you are right! This is the first phone I’ve had to install the battery.

How embarrassing! I’ll insert the battery and see what happens. :grin:


Now we all know … :blush:

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