Bricked Moto Pure. Any way to recover messages, photos, contacts, etc?


Moto X Pure
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My Moto X Pure got dropped and in now non-responsive to all screen input. Is there any way I can recover messages and contacts from the phone onto my old Moto X 2nd Gen?



Hi @davidr.ctpon9,

When you activate the Moto X (2nd Gen) and sign into the same Google account, all contacts you allowed the Moto X Pure to sync to Google will sync to that phone.
You can verify those contacts by signing into the same account at

If you’ve stored contacts to any other service - Outlook, Facebook, Yahoo, you’ll need to sign the Moto X (2nd Gen) into those services using the same account.

As for your text messages, if you’ll install the Republic Anywhere app to the Moto X (2nd Gen) or even to your desktop computer or a supported tablet, recent texting history (the last 30 days, I believe) will since to the phone.
See: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless

I noticed you mentioned that the X Pure is non-responsive to screen input. If the screen is visible but simply won’t respond to touch, you can connect a mouse using a USB OTG adapter and use the mouse to navigate the screen. This would allow you to move other valuable content to a computer and use a third-party app to back up and move your entire text message contents to another phone.
See: Recovering Data Off a Broken Screen Moto X First Gen
I’d be glad to send you one of those adapters if that would help.

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It would be very useful to be able to get some texts and other material off of the phone. Please send the USB adapter. Do you have access to my mailing address?

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I’ll send you a direct message (not visible to the public) here in Community to confirm those details.

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