Bring my own Moto G Play?

I am looking to purchase a Moto G Play (2021) from another retailer as Republic Wireless is out of stock. Just want to make sure I can activate this phone and sign up for a My Choice plan before 11/30/21. I am a current customer and want to continue my service with a new phone. Must be able to use wi-fi for text and service.

Hi @marciav.kuiv23 and welcome to the Community!

So long as you source the Republic compatible Moto G Play variant, buying it elsewhere produces exactly the same phone Republic sells (when in stock).

Yes, that’s not an issue.

As a stating point, may we ask which phone you currently use with Republic for the purpose of determining whether you need a new SIM for the new phone?

Is the concern here regarding recently announced forthcoming changes to Republic’s service? Or, is the concern because the Moto G Play would be sourced from a third party retailer.

If the former, enhancements coming to Republic’s service notwithstanding, WiFi calling and text messaging will continue to be supported. If the latter, a compatible phone sourced elsewhere would be able to use WiFi calling and text messaging just as if the phone had been purchased from Republic.

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How will I know if the one I purchase is compatible with Republic?

My current phone is a Moto G3.

We do not have cell service where we live so I need to be able to talk and text via wi-fi.

You would want to match the information provided by Republic here:

Probably the easiest way to do so is to purchase at Motorola’s U.S. website:

If you have another third party retailer in mind and would like us to confirm compatibility, please post a link to the online listing.

You’re going to need a new SIM. For the purpose of assessing your coverage options for the the Moto G Play with Republic, may we know your zip code (nothing more)?

I also wish to be certain you’re aware upgrading your Moto G3 requires giving up its attached grandfathered plan? Newer Republic compatible phones require use of My Choice plans:

Republic compatible phones past, present and future support WiFi calling and text messaging.

The Moto I was looking to purchase was from Best Buy. I would think that would be compatible.

Hi @marciav.kuiv23 ,

So long as Best Buy is selling it as unlocked and without carrier branding, then yes it would be the Republic compatible variant. Best Buy sells both carrier branded and factory unlocked phones. Is this the listing:

If so, it is the Republic compatible factory unlocked variant.

I was looking at a discounted “open box” phone at my local Best Buy. I could ask if it is unlocked without carrier branding.

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