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somehow I have found myself listed in zip code 68504. I’m in 68526. How can I change it. Can I “bring my own phone” with coverage in Lincoln, NE. If not why??

hello @leeb.lpxefa
to change you zip code on your republic account is done though theaccount portal

as for checking coverage one can go to the coverage checker (
and if the zipcode is not correct there you can change it by clicking the not in location and enter another zip code

from what I seeing BYOD should be an option for both those zipcodes but I will note there is roaming nearby
the GSM coverage map (which is the network BYOD uses)

Hi @leeb.lpxefa,

On the BYOP page, simply click the “change” link right under the sentence that lists your Zip code.



What phone do you currently have?

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