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I currently have a MOTO4 phone on the Republic network. I want to replace it. If I buy a Google Pixel 4 from Swappa does it need to be unlocked? I also want to keep my same phone number. Can I take the SIM card out of my MOTO 4 and use it in the unlocked Pixel 4 or do I need to buy a new SIM card? Thanks!

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The Google Pixel 4 supported by Republic Wireless is model number G020I. It must be factory unlocked, which (for many brands) is not the same thing as a phone that has been unlocked by the carrier. In other words, it must have never been locked.

When shopping on Swappa, if you’ll start on the Republic Wireless page, you’ll find phones that are (by Swappa’s best estimate, based on the info the seller has provided), compatible with our service. When you click through to any of the PIxel 4 phones from that starting point, you’ll see a “Republic Wireless” logo on listings of phones that are compatible.
For example:

If you want verification before placing your purchase, just share the link to the phone you’re considering and our Community will help confirm compatibility.

As for moving your SIM card, you can move the SIM card to the new phone if it is a GSM SIM card. If it is CDMA, you’ll need to ask our coverage team for a new SIM card.
To determine whether your current SIM card is GSM or CDMA, follow these steps: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help

If it’s CDMA, please follow these steps to request a new SIM card: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

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