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My family already has 3 lines of service with Republic (my husband, myself, and one we use for a home phone). We wanted to purchase a Moto G Play from Amazon and take advantage of the SIM card deal here at Republic. When I go to check out, it warns me that the SIM card is not supported in my area. I have already verified that the Moto G Play works in our area and I know Republic Wireless in general works here. Should I be okay ordering the SIM and using it with the Moto G Play?


The SIM card uses a different carrier than the phone if you buy it from Republic, is what that’s telling you. Basically, if you buy the phone from Republic, you’d end up on Sprint, but the BYOP Card will instead end-up on the GSM partner carrier (as that’s the only option for BYOP). That being said, once the phone is received, if reception is bad, you can contact customer service and there is the possibility that they could move you to Sprint to rectify the issue.


Thank you! Just to make sure I understand…the phone will still work, the reception might not be as good? If the phone is not usable we would contact Republic customer service? Is there a way to know what GSM partner we would end up with so I can check coverage in my area? Thank you so much for your quick reply!


You’ve got the gist of it.

The GSM partner carrier advertises that they have the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. You can also find the specific partner by googling the info or looking at the Republic wikipedia entry.


Great, thank you!


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