Bring your own phone 7-16-18

Republic says that bring your own phone is not available in my area.
Is this true even if it is one of the same phones they offer in my area. Specifically the Moto X4 from Amazon

BYOD phones all have to be activated on their GSM partner, and I guess the sales page thinks you won’t have a good experience with that. I think if you get the phone from Amazon, you can order a SIM card from RW, hopefully it’ll at least activate on the GSM partner, and then you could put in a Help ticket to have support send you a CDMA SIM card.

Someone will probably come along to explain things better with nice links (I’m still no good with that on here).

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To request a CDMA once the phone is activated on GSM requires a help ticket


Someone seriously needs to teach me how to make those nice links in the neat little squares. :grin:

Can’t I just switch the SIM card from my current Phone to a new one. Also RW says there is no SIM card for my area. But I have several phones including the Moto X4

What is you current phone? If if is a legacy device, then, no, you cannot. You can only swap SIMs if the other phone is a BYOD phone running on Republic’s GSM partner.

Swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature, if BYOD is unsupported in your area then your current phone is most likely on the CDMA partner so yes you will need a new SIM

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If you put the link on a line all by itself it usually, not always shows a preview.

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