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My wife and I have been customers with republic wireless since the 1.0 plans and my current phone has started to stop working properly. I thought it was time for an update. I checked the republic website for coverage in my area and it said that the Moto G4 (xt1625) would have coverage in my area. So I went and ordered one on Ebay. Now I found out that when I try to order the sim that the sim coverage is not the same and that I would not have coverage in the area. It was a rather expensive phone to buy if it isn’t going to work. What can I do to make the phone work with republic since it was listed as a working phone for my area.

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Hi @christiano.1fjbhx,

It’s not the phone that’s the issue, it’s the coverage assigned to that phone. Republic offers phones with coverage provisioned on one of two cellular network partners. What Republic’s coverage check tool told you is that coverage with its’ CDMA network partner (Sprint) would work well in your area. Sadly, CDMA network coverage currently is only available for phones purchased from Republic.

Republic’s bring your own phone option is limited (for now at least) to its GSM network partner. In the Republic’s judgement, GSM network coverage will not be adequate in your area, hence the warning regarding bring your own not being supported. You may proceed with a purchase of a GSM SIM, despite the warning, however, the coverage experience may not work for you.

Likely, the best option is to return the phone purchased on eBay and buy from Republic directly. Republic is working toward offering bring your own on its’ CDMA partner’s network but is not there yet. More here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

Hi @christiano.1fjbhx,

An additional point. If you wish to be advised of Republic’s progress regarding bring your own phone on CDMA, check this out: Request to be contacted if/when CDMA coverage is available for 3.0 BYOP.

I do appreciate the swift feedback. Due to the nature of a lot of ebay purchases I am not sure if I will be able to return the phone. I recall that republic used to show a map off coverage available but I am unable to see if it would be worth getting the sim card or not. I presume there is no way to send the phone in and have it set up to work with republic?

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the maps where not actuate enough

but here the GSM providers MVNO map Personal Coverage Check

and the CDMA providers map

Hi @christiano.1fjbhx,

There is no way to send a phone sourced elsewhere to have it activated with Republic’s CDMA partner. If you decide to try Republic’s GSM partner despite Republic’s coverage check tool’s opinion, you may purchase that SIM.

@drm186, has linked the direct maps for Republic’s respective cellular partners. Links to Republic’s coverage maps are in the document I referenced in my initial reply: Republic Wireless Coverage.

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