Bring Your Own Phone Moto X Pure 64GB


I am looking to upgrade to a better phone. I have two questions. I found a Moto X Pure 64 GB that I would like to purchase to bring to Republic. Here is the link B&H Photo Video. Will this phone work as the operating system is Lollipop and not Marshmallow. Second, the web site stated that with my zip code I could not bring my own phone. 64037. I would appreciate any help.

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The B&H Moto X Pures will work with RW. Most of the X Pures ship with Marshmallow already installed so you shouldn’t need to do anything but add a RW SIM card.

You should read this if not sure RW’s GSM network will work for you.

Republic Wireless Coverage


I am still concerned about the bring your own phone policy stating that my zip will not work with it. I also found this same phone on Amazon which is probably where I will purchase it. I currently have four phones with Republic so I am not sure why bring your own phone would be an issue.

All BYOD are GSM [T-Mobile], where if purchase from republic you may get the CDMA [Sprint] like the 1.0/2.0 plones had

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