Bring your own Phone not available in my zip now...but yes next door?


Trying to buy a Moto G5 for my wife. I did the Bring Your Own Phone last year with my Nexus and it worked fine. Now when I check Bring Your Own Phone for my zip, it says not available. However, the big town next door (2 miles away) has availability.

Should I be concerned about this? I have had no issues with my phone - set up or use - so this seems strange to me.



I wouldn’t be worried about it if you feel your GSM service is satisfactory or better. If you feel it may be better you could open a Support ticket and request a CDMA SIM card be sent to you to try. My Zip says the same for my location even though CDMA and GSM work equally well. Only difference I’ve noticed is that in my location the BYOP GSM data speeds are much faster.

If a G5 were to be ordered from RW it would probably ship with a CDMA SIM card and coverage between phones may vary depending upon where the phones are used. You can still buy a BYOP SIM card from RW as it’s just a warning.


Hi @kevinv.8fmiou

Do you know if your Nexus device is on GSM or CDMA. As a BYOD phone it would have started on GSM, but if you had any coverage issues and interacted with support, you may have been moved to CDMA.

While coverage maps and RW’s coverage checker does their best, they are not always completely accurate. Given RW has the Money Back guarantee, you could always give it a try with minimum risk…(shipping is non-refundable).
If you do find coverage issues, you could contact support and see if they can help, as they have had success in this area with others.

Let us know how it works out.


Thank you both for your responses. I have never had any issues with my Nexus - began as GSM and still is. Coverage is fine.

Wife is still on her Moto X for 4 years. Showing its age and having camera issues.

Thanks for bringing up money back guarantee. That makes the decision easier since we are on a bit of a time crunch and not sure how long Republic’s shipping will take.


Sounds like you have both CDMA and GSM coverage in your area, so you should be golden.

Best of luck and glad we could help.


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