Bring Your Own Phone not supported but Coverage is good?



So, I am looking for a cell phone plan and I recently found Republic Wireless and thought they had an amazing deal on their plans. I have a Moto G4 Plus and it says my Phone is capable for the Sim Kit and I checked the SKU number.

However when I enter my zip code in the coverage it says “Good News we got multiple phones optimized for coverage in your area” but directly under that it says “Bring your own phone is not supported for your area”

When I go to shop for phones it says that the MOTO G4 PLUS HAS coverage in my area which is the very phone I have, YET it is telling me I cannot bring my own phone or aka buy the sim card for this phone I already have???

I really really wanted to choose this phone service and I was reading that if I order a sim card it is a GSM sim card since I am using my own phone.

I was reading that T-mobile is the carrier for the GSM sim card.

I googled T-Mobile coverage map in my area and it says “Excellent” on T-mobiles website

So my question is

What is the deal? How can republic wireless GSM sim card be T-mobile and it is saying bring my own phone is not supported, yet when I go to T moblies website it says coverage is good in my area for T mobile???

My zip code is 15401

What is the problem???

I am going to choose a different carrier if I cannot use my own phone because the entire point of going with Republic Wireless was because I thought they had the best deal and that I would be able to choose one of their plans.

I do not want to buy another phone and I am not going to.

So is there no way I can get a plan based on the messages I got or what is up? I am just confused how it states bring my own phone is not supported when the phone SKU number is the exact number it says I need and T mobile coverage on their website says its good.

Any help would be appreciated


The issue is that maps are imperfect and many of us have found that the carrier maps are particularly optimistic. The Republic system uses additional data including customer experience data to decide where things work and don’t. So although the carrier’s site says their coverage is good, Republic disagrees.

All that being said, Republic can be wrong. Trying the coverage is a no-risk affair and if you find that Republic is right after all, you can work with support to see if they can move you to the CDMA carrier instead.


Sorry, maybe I should be clearer.

What I am confused about is this.

I have a unlocked Moto G4 Plus I bought off Amazon months ago.

When I type my zip code in 15401 it tells me that “bring your own phone” is not supported in my area

Yet when I click on buy phones it tells me that the MOTO G4 PLUS I can buy from them and it has good coverage

So I am confused if buying a MOTO G4 Plus from them VS me already Owning one means something?

Because I am confused why its telling me I cannot bring my own phone which is the MOTO G4 Plus yet they are selling the MOTO G4 PLUS and they even say that if you buy the MOTO G4 from them it has good coverage.


The difference is this:

All BYOP SIM cards are with the GSM carrier partner.

Phones bought from Republic can be on the GSM carrier or the CDMA carrier. If you bought the phone directly from Republic it would be configured for the CDMA partner.


Okay, thats what I thought buy I wanted to make sure.

One last thing, what do you mean by “No-risk affair” or what do you mean by trying the coverage?

And I thought in order for them to move me to a CDMA I would have to like you said, buy a phone directly from them to have that, which I do not want to do since I already own the phone obviously.


your area is close to Roaming and therefor you may not have the best experience this is why republic may not be encouraging GSM in your area

compare this to Sprint


I’d agree 100% as my zip says same concerning BYOP. Both seem to have good coverage here. I tried the CDMA SIM when offered thinking it might be better and my data speeds slowed way down.


So what exactly does it mean when you say “roaming” and what does that have to do with connection? I thought roaming meant something like using your phone on a different cell tower other than your carrier or using your phone over seas. Sorry I haven’t really bought my own cell phone plan before since in the past I’ve been on someone else’s plan and never had to buy a plan myself.

I am looking at both maps and I obviously understand green is good and white is bad

What I basically am wondering is, all of those green areas, would I have coverage in those areas? Because I don’t care about those other towns since that is not what I am using my cell phone for currently.

I just needed a cell phone plan that would work in my area, I am not using it to travel.


I wasn’t going to be streaming stuff on the internet or anything traveling, I was just trying to figure out if I get good enough coverage in my area to text/make calls. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, just trying to figure out if I actually have coverage in my area or not and I feel like this is all more confusing then it should be lol.


No-risk, meaning you get 14-days to evaluate the service and cancel with a refund if it doesn’t work.

And no, once the phone is active on GSM Republic has a way to move it to CDMA if the coverage would be better.


Oh, okay, does it actually state somewhere in wording that there is a 14-day period were I can evaluate the service? I guess I will have to find it maybe. If that is true then I would not have a problem trying it.

I was just looking for a good deal and Republic’s deals were pretty great so I wanted to try them out.

I thought how answers on Google made it sound that a GSM sim card could not be moved to CDMA coverage because I thought they were two different things that couldn’t be inter switched but maybe I just misunderstood what I was reading.

Well that is helpful to know, maybe I will try the GSM kit out and see what happens.

Thanks for the information



Okay, great, its kind of funny how the people on the forums replying quickly so its basically customer support :smile:

Last question. Obviously I’m not asking for a exact amount because the charges might be different based on where some one lives or maybe not.

Is there like a good “estimate” of how much someone can expect to pay in extra fees on these plans? Like if you got the 1gb plan for lets say $20, should i expect around $3 in charges or would you think its going to be even more?

Maybe this is a bad question but I wasn’t looking for an exact amount, just an rough estimate of what people generally get charged in fees on top of the plan.

I am generally the type of person who finds a good deal and sticks with the company I like so I was just curious how much I should expect in extra fees on any of these plans.


Swinging by to drop a link, you can double check yourself with Republic’s coverage map for the GSM carrier here.


Roaming is using the tower not on your network but you network has a deal with for GSM our carrier uses T-Mobile for it’s native towers, but can roam for voice and text to T-Mobile roaming partners [AT&T or other regional carriers or independent cell towers], and there is no roaming data from those partners

The green areas you should have coverage, the grey areas are roaming, and white areas are no coverage on the T-Mobile MVNO map



How much are you paying now in fees? Although the company is different, the fees are actually state / location based such as FCC, 911, state telecom fees, etc so they may actually be quite similar to what you have right now.

It may differ because the costs of the plan may be different but it might not be that different.


I haven’t used a phone plan or at least did not pay the bill for the plan when I did have it, because I am always around wifi for the most part I skipped using a plan all together because I could simply use a app to message people via internet, so when I am home I used apps on my home wifi network to message family/friends and when I would work I would use the wifi at work. It just got very old for me to not being able to call the very few times I needed to when not around wifi.

I honestly do not really need to text/call that much since I am around wifi all the time and can use apps over the internet to do the same thing, I only needed a phone plan for when I am not around wifi and need to text/call which would be like 10% of the time or less.

So thats why I was interested in Republic.

Sorry I honestly don’t know the fees, its been a while since I’ve even been on a plan let alone pay for one becasue I think I may have been on my parents at the time and they paid it.

Thats why I was just curious on the fees. I could probably google it and see what other people got in fees for a rough estimate, I was just curious

I’m going to try republic out


Well at least based on the map everything within 45 minutes is green, well the best green, the darkest green. So I was just wondering and hoping that that ment everything within maybe a 45 minute radius would be okay. I don’t travel much, so I only need texting/calling for around my town the only parts where the coverage seem to be worst seem to be 45m+ or 1hr+ away in all directions

Everything in pretty much a 45 minute radius of my town is colored in the best dark green.

I just don’t know how big the radius should be on the map to be considered confirmation that its good. On T moblies website when I click on my town it says excellent coverage and when I click on other areas that are like 45 minutes away it says things like “Fair or Good”

So I was just going to assume that I might be able to get good coverage here as long as I am not going too far out or traveling


Like @happywillow0 said, take a peek at how much you’re paying now in fees. When i was Sprint, I was paying $6.xx in fees. I just got my first bill from RW, and my fees came out to $4.50. Somehow the fees (I didn’t look into each line item) came out lower than Sprint’s :smile:


This is an easy question to answer. Put a phone and plan in the cart, carry through to the step right before you would check-out. On that screen you’ll see the monthly taxes/fees for the plan detailed clearly.