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Hello, I want to upgrade with a refurbished moto z play for my broken one. It is advertised as an unlocked Verizon phone with a clean esn, Will it work? thanks

Sorry, no, that won’t work. Only North American non-carrier-branded unlocked phones will work. Here is a link to the phones and model numbers that will work with RW.


Whew!! Thank you so much.

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No prob. Hope you find a good one!

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Sorry to be a bother but trying to buy a refurbished phone to replace our broken moto z play. Sellers will not guarantee the S7 to work with republic. They gave me an IMEI #■■■■and said Republic could verify that it is a compatible phone. Help please.

Here’s an article I found when searching here with “compatible s7”. I see tons of phones on eBay that are reflashed S7s made to look like the unlocked US version that aren’t.

It’s hard to find a good one. I got my S7 Edge used on Swappa, and they are very good about what sellers can post about their phones, so I felt good about my purchase.

Hi @michaelh.c1jokd I’m the author of the article @jumphour is referencing above. I’m happy to answer any questions that you have, but the bottom line, as jumphour stated, is that it can be hard to find a legitimate S7.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I guess we will give up and buy new pretty soon. You would think sellers that sell phones would be reliable. Just returned a verizon version today that was supposed work. It had a verizon sticker on the phone and they sent it anyway…geez

Thanks! Does the IMEI help at all?

I decided to look on Swappa to see what they had for S7 edge’s, and I saw some that said they are GSM unlocked, and some saying that they wouldn’t work with Sprint or Verizon, so that just changed my mind on the quality of their listings. LOL Those are NOT really SM-G935U models, but flashed ones. Ugh.

I think I’ll get away from the S7 and go back to the moto z play if I can find one…Thanks again

Not sure what your budget is but Motorola has the Moto Z2 Play for just $199 [just make sure you order the unlocked version]

Thanks I’ll do just that. Thanks!

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Sorry I didn’t see your note until now. No, the IMEI doesn’t really help.

Thank you so much! Just ordered the Z play ! Problem solved !!

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I think you be happy with the Moto Z2 Play (It’s the phone I been using for the last year) it very similar to the Moto Z Play and right now it’s a great deal at the $199 price

here my review Moto Z2 Play Review
and another user review Review of Moto Z2 Play and Accessories, ordering, set-up, use

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