Bring your own phone vs. buying from Republic

How many people use the bring your own phone? I’m tired of waiting on them to get Moto Z4’s back in stock because I need a new phone almost asap. Want to order one straight from Motorola.

How glitchy is it/how well does it work/what kind of problems are there with it?

Hi @nicholasm.u133rf

This works well if you pay attention to the details. There are specific requirements that are listed by Republic Wireless in the following document:

Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

In addition, a very helpful member of the Community has written the following guide:


Getting a phone from Motorola or a major retailer like Best Buy or Amazon is likely to go well. Be sure you have a good return policy with whichever company provides the phone you bring.

The BYOP SIM is GSM not CDMA. If you are migrating from one of the older Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) those phones all use CDMA SIMs. Check your coverage. Here’s a link for more on that:

If CDMA coverage is best for you, don’t try to bring a phone that is GSM-only.


Hi @nicholasm.u133rf,

The Moto Z4 is back in our online store at this time.

The phones we sell in our online store are identical to the same model phone sold elsewhere. We do not modify them or do anything that would make service on phone bought from us any different than service on a BYOP.


Does your Z4 include the " free moto 360 camera mod & deep indigo 32gb moto g6 unlocked like the direct from Motorola Z4 unlocked ?

The phone comes packaged with the Moto Mod, so it is included from our online store.

The free G6 is a current Motorola Store promotion and is not included in our online store.

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