Bring your own phone vs. purchasing from RW

Is the phone service / wifi calling / wifi to phone signal transitioning better on a RW phone than a BYOP?

Backstory: I was on vacation with my family and like an idiot I gave my phone to a relative to take pictures while I sailing the catamaran. They lost the phone, without knowing, to the bottom of the ocean.

Being on vacation and needing a phone I was forced to switch to another service, let’s call it T-mobile .

I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with them and upon returning from vacation, I have a choice of returning the phone to them for a refund and purchasing a new phone through RW, or just switching back to RW with the BYOP feature.

I am afraid of future bugs and misgivings with BYOP in terms of phone calls and handling of switching from wifi to cellular signal.

Technically speaking, which is the better choice? BYOP or returning my phone and starting over with a new one from RW?


The phones are exactly the same phones! The only thing I see is the BYOD phones are GSM only right now along with some other phones. RW hasn’t found the way to have CDMA sims for BYOD to get activated YET. The phones RW sells that are CDMA or GSM can be activated by RW in house. The GSM can be activated by the customer whether BYOD or RW store purchased.

Ask yourself does GSM = Tmobile or CDMA= Sprint work better in your area?

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Hi @timoteo,

Sorry to hear about your phone.

The only reasons to purchase a phone directly online with Republic would be if CDMA (Sprint) coverage is better for your area or if you do not have the compatible Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model number SM_G935U (North American Unlocked version).

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I did BYOP with the Moto X Pure because I live in an area where T-mobile coverage is good. Installing the SIM card, downloading the Republic App and activating the phone was easy. Everything has worked smoothly for me.

I am afraid of future bugs and misgivings with BYOP in terms of phone calls and handling of switching from wifi to cellular signal.


You’ll find no difference between a phone purchased from RW or BYOP in that respect or any others.

**Should I BYOP at this time? **

If you put your zip code into the the coverage checker and see Optimized and BYOP not supported for your location it’s an indication the Sprint CDMA network may be better in your location. You would want to purchase your new phone from RW unless you are certain the GSM network will provide adequate coverage in your area of use. Continue to Shop Phones you would see the RW CDMA/GSM compatible optimized phones that will come with CDMA. As you scroll down you would see the GSM phones are not optimized for service.

BYOP is a safe bet if you use the zip check and all phones are recommended. The RW SIM card you purchase will use the GSM network.

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