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I’m looking at the samsung galaxy s7 sm-g930u on ebay and I want to make sure that I’m getting a phone that works with RW. What are the specs I need to look for? Does it need to say both GSM and CDMA? Some of them list specific carriers, can I tell anything from those if it doesn’t say RW? Some listings say it won’t work with RW but all the other specs look good as far as I know, so I don’t know what I am missing.


Hi @merylh,

If the specific phone in question is genuinely SM-G930U, you’re good to go. Please be aware, however, some eBay sellers flash S7 (and other) variants that began life as carrier branded phones with factory unlocked software, then call the result the same as SM-G930U. The reality is these frankenphones (if you will) are not the same. They may or may not activate. If they don’t Republic won’t be able to offer support.

The telltale sign of these listings is the seller will usually indicate the phone began life branded for one of the 4 major cellular carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon). Personally, I’d stay away from these. If you have questions about a specific eBay listing, you might post the link. I’m confident someone here in Community will be happy to provide an opinion.


Another way to avoid the ‘frankenphone’ problem that @rolandh mentions is to buy directly from Samsung. Currently, that method is a bit cheaper than buying from RW and you can choose the gold color if that appeals to you.


Best Buy has a refurb at $409.99 and some other options here:


The frankenphone listings will almost always say “Activates on any GSM carrier.” or “Will not Activate on Verizon or Sprint”.

  1. Can the Moto G5Plus remain on my 1/2G plan at the same rate? 2. I can buy this phone from Amazon for $184 will Republic match? I assume the SIM card can be purchased from RW?


The Moto G5 Plus is a 3.0 phone and need a 3.0 plan go is data tiered 1GB for $20 which include unlimited calling and text
If I from Amazon you might as well include the Republic SIM from Amazon as shipping is cheaper with Prime


Thank you!


You’re welcome


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