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So I researched who partners with republic wireless and the answer I got from that as Sprint and T-mobile. I would like to eventually bring my own device to republic wireless seeing as the plans are cheaper than anywhere else, but I don’t want to have to buy a new unlocked phone since those cost more usually. SO my question is, will republic wireless work on a T-mobile or Sprint locked phone or is it incompatible?

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No, they will not work. Only select North America Unlocked versions will work with Republic.

Here is a list of the phones Republic does support:

This could help in finding one:

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I don’t mean to pick nits, as I understand by new, you may have meant new-to-you, but I did want to clarify so no one reading later on is confused: It is possible to buy a used supported phone to bring to our service.

Oh okay, that makes sense to me now. So what you are saying is that only an unlocked phone that meets the criteria of a republic (BYOP) is compatible. That makes sense, thank you for clarifying! :slight_smile:


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