Bringing a Moto X Pure with me


Can I get a Moto X Pure from Motorola’s website and use it on RW?



Hi @anikad.mu0cn0,

In a word, yes!

You’ll need to purchase separately a Republic 3.0 SIM. You may do so from Republic here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:….

Please keep in mind Republic 3.0 phones require new plans:….

Additionally, they operate on the network of Republic’s GSM partner rather than Sprint. I suggest verifying coverage here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless.

Everything else one might want to know about Republic 3.0 is here: Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs.



Thanks, rolandh, for the speedy and comprehensive reply!

I’m open to hearing from anyone who’s had success and/or troubles with this. Thanks!



Hi @anikad.mu0cn0,

If it’s a success story you’d like to hear; I bought my Moto X Pure at Moto Maker. Bring your own phone activation couldn’t have been easier. Please just be certain to verify that Republic’s GSM coverage will work for you.



Hi @anikad.eyyw7t,

I also designed and purchased my Moto X Pure through Moto Maker. It was easy installing the SIM card and activating the phone. I simply followed the instructions from Republic’s SIM card kit. You will need to use the SIM tool that originally comes with the phone because the one with the kit isn’t the right size for this particular phone.

As mentioned by @rolandh, it is important that you check coverage. I used T-Mobile’s coverage site and learned that I would receive a “fair signal” at my house (cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors). My neighbor said they had no problems with T-mobile at their house so I decided to upgrade. When I activated my phone, I had to reboot it outdoors because it needed a better signal to initially get LTE data. Everything has successfully worked indoors afterwards.

Since the Moto X Pure is shipped with Lollipop, you will need to update it to Marshmallow before you activate your Republic 3.0 plan. If you install the Republic Wireless App on the phone before updating it, you will get an non-compatible device error.

I really like my Moto X Pure and appreciate the faster data speeds.



Thank you, @lenoirt. That’s some really helpful information!


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